"A punch in the emotional gut before being thrust into very clever and fun storytelling, with lighter and comedic threads sort of sewn in throughout…"

Joe Granato
Film Producer and Documentarian

"With the humor and playfulness of a Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, and with the biting satire of a Vonnegut, Swift, or Twain, Elizabeth takes you on a rollicking adventure that upends your expectations about the afterlife and skewers religion, business, and the banal trappings of modern life..."

Rob Griffith
Award-winning author of The Moon from Every Window 

"A uniquely powerful service in which Spirit and Nature fused into a soulful sunset experience. I'm ready to do it again!"
Gary Mantz
Host, The Mantz and Mitchell Show

"Original, full of vivid detail and moving anecdotes, Wilson deals with big questions in a grounded and authentic way. Both the process of disillusionment and that of forgiveness are convincing. Her style is attractively lyrical, witty and economical… accomplished and imaginative... "
Dermot Healy
Encore Award winning novelist and poet

"Fantastical, romantic, and piercingly satirical. If you like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, you will love this. Elizabeth is here to stay!"
Scott Ciencin
New York Times bestselling author 

"Lovely descriptions!"
Piers Anthony
New York Times bestselling author


"Faith isn't passive - for me it's a story of constant scrutiny, reasoning, questioning, validation, fear, courage, and every day miracles. Live, dynamic Faith is made up of all those things."

Elizabeth A. A. Wilson

the official biography


bragging rights

who is this person?

Elizabeth A. A. Wilson is an author, speaker and ordained minister who specializes in establishing positive and empowering perspectives on any life issue. With her philosophy of the presence of perfection in all things she has transmuted ginormous life challenges and now devotes her heart to telling stories so others can learn to rewrite their own chapters in life. 

Following a decade in professional services and project management in the United Kingdom, Elizabeth moved to Sarasota, Florida (with her husband Matt and daughter Olivia, two of the coolest people in the world) and experienced a peculiar spiritual awakening that deposited in her mind some rather marvelous insider trading knowledge about manifesting miracles.

In the four years since then she has, among other stuff, published novels worldwide, collaborated with New York Times bestselling authors, met and interviewed some of the world's most thrilling legends, folklorists and filmmakers, moved from a tiny city-center apartment to a stunning home by the bay, graduated top of the class from a ministry program specializing in metaphysical principles, and had another baby (the epic little Penelope).  

Her core philosophy is that life is a craft that can be mastered if you understand the rules of the game. After hearing 1000s of times that to succeed as an author you need luck over talent, Elizabeth has thoroughly examined what "luck" really is and posits that it is merely the art of being available for success to flow effortlessly into your life. Her authorship if nothing else has been a demonstration to herself that this is in fact true. She loves to ignite that same faith and excitement in anyone feeling down on their "luck", and does this through dramatic storytelling.

Besides telling stories that are mostly made up, Elizabeth hosts workshops on metaphysical principles, makes radio appearances on both sides of the Atlantic, and is soon to feature in the documentary The New 8-Bit Heroes (premier 24th September! Don't miss it!)

I believe life is about living. Exploring and experiencing, enjoying every moment whether it brings great blessings or great lessons. That's why everything I do is based on storytelling. Stories in all genres of art have helped us explore life since our beginnings. Great, shape-shifting truths are spread for thousands of miles and over thousands of years to mould the way we see the big everything - and even more importantly, the way we see the relationship between the big everything and the little me.

To me, the most incredible thing about a good story is that it gives us instant access to different perspectives. Whatever the situation, a slight shift in perspective completely changes the course of the hero's journey. It's a storyteller's secret tool - a sudden flip of the vantage point and your whole story has changed. It's one of life's most powerful cheats. I've found that the ability to choose my point of view not just in storytelling, but in life itself, has given me a magic compass that always leads to the highest and best. 

My husband Matt is the most important character in my story. My life changed overnight when I met him. He showed me that I was already the Hero. Now we spend every evening together in exploration of our philosophies, and we're kind of a double act. Whether it's storytelling, workshops, seminars or building sandcastles, we're on the same team. Our daughters Olivia and Penelope add the vision and the drive, and a whole load of spice!

This is a little bit of what I'm about. It's a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of mystery, and a lot of devotion. Because, after all, so is life. It is my unwavering belief that your unique story, whatever is written and however you tell it, is a gift to humanity and to God. If you don't believe me, I'll take any challenge to prove it to you. You are immeasurably valuable. Thank you for loving stories, and thank you from the bottom of my heart of being a part of mine. Enjoy your story, you are its hero.